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Something good has begun!
Believe in your goodness and the goodness of those around you.

Be what you want to see in the world, be always in your highest integrity, in your highest truth.
I Am simple.

Fruit is only ready to be eaten when it’s ripe.

That is when it tastes the best.
Greatness cannot be rushed.

Trust the timing, and enjoy the process. No one else can open the presents that have your name on them.
All is well!
Action beats intention every time. Set your mind right, and keep moving forward.

Relentless, focused, purposeful action is what will actualize your dreams.
Stay present. The future and the past are in the present.

Now is the most valuable thing there is.
Come to me and play.

I use all my senses to enjoy this miracle of what it feels like to have a human body.

The purpose of my life is to have fun.
Anything can happen, and it could be right now. Good things happen fast.

When I decide to change, I change in an instant.